Best Metal Cutting Saws At The Moment

Best Metal Cutting Saws At The Moment

Cordless metal cutting saws are the real MVPs when it comes to slashing the costs of bringing in a contractor. Get these cordless metal shears power tools at your local hardware store, or level up your game by checking out a wider selection online. The choice depends on your job type, size, and where you plan to unleash its power. Let’s dive into the world of cordless metal cutting saws and figure out what makes them the go-to for slicing through metal like butter.

Best Metal Cutting Saw

Buy the Best PORTER-CABLE Metal Cutting Saw

Starting with a bang, the Porter-Cable PCE700 takes the lead as one of the more affordable solutions. It boasts a 14-inch cutting blade with a speedy 3800 RPM, making it a metal-cutting wizard. Cut through almost any type of metal with this reliable Porter Cable metal cutting saw, backed by a solid 3-year warranty. It’s not just a saw; it’s a commitment to dependability.

Its robust 15 amp motor makes light work of various metal components. The features don’t stop there—enjoy an integrated spark deflector, adjustable cutting fence, and a heavy-duty steel base for rock-solid stability. Cutting metal parts with this saw is not just a task; it’s a delightful experience.

Shop Now for DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw

If you’re in the market for power tools that mean business, Dewalt is the name that rings bells. The Dewalt DW872, a carbide-tipped metal cutting saw, offers excellent cutting performance with its 14-inch blade and carbide tip. Ranked second for its cutting prowess, this saw operates at under 1300 RPM, providing top-notch performance. When you’re serious about your metal-cutting game, Dewalt has your back.

Makita Metal Cutting Saw Deals

Makita, a slightly pricey but renowned brand, enters the arena with a top-performing 12-inch saw. Ranked third in our lineup, this Makita metal cutting saw combines the best of both worlds—compact design and cutting strength, thanks to the 12-inch carbide-tipped blade. With a spin rate of 1700 RPM for a carbide blade, this saw means business.

Equipped with a robust 15 amp motor, it breezes through metal components, offering a cutting capacity of 4-1/2 inches at 90 degrees and 3-1/2 inches at 45 degrees. Experience the convenience of miter cutting and enjoy a metal shaving collection box for a tidy workspace.

Best Deals MILWAUKEE Metal Cutting Saw

Milwaukee Group makes its mark with the M18 metal-cutting circular saw, a cordless powerhouse. Being the only cordless item on our list doesn’t make it any less impressive. With a brushless motor running at 3900 RPM, this saw guarantees flawless cutting every time. The M18 Red Lithium batteries can deliver up to 370 cuts in 3/4″ Emt. The best part? No wearing components, ensuring durability.

Features of Metal Cutting Saws

Metal cutting saws, also known as metal chop saws or cut-off saws, are the superheroes of the metalworking world. Tailored for precision and efficiency, these power tools are indispensable in metalworking, fabrication, construction, and more. Here are some key features to look out for in metal cutting saws:

  • Abrasive or Carbide-Tipped Blade: Metal cutting saws offer either abrasive blades for softer metals or carbide-tipped blades for harder metals like stainless steel and aluminum.
  • High RPM (Revolution Per Minute): Operating at high RPM ensures fast and efficient cutting through metal, making your job a breeze.
  • Coolant System: Many metal cutting saws come with a built-in coolant system to keep both the blade and the workpiece cool, prolonging blade life.
  • Adjustable Cutting Angle: Metal cutting saws often feature an adjustable cutting angle or miter cutting capability, allowing versatility in cutting angles for various applications.
  • Clamping Mechanism: Ensure stability and safety during cutting with the clamping mechanism, securing the workpiece firmly in place.
  • Cutting Capacity: The cutting capacity, specifying the maximum thickness and width of metal the saw can cut, is crucial depending on your intended applications.

Embark on a journey to redefine your metal-cutting experience. Secure your Cordless Metal Cutting Saw online today and dive into a world of precision, efficiency, and unmatched power. Don’t miss out – transform your toolkit now!