Best Pipe Cutter At The Moment

Top-of-the-Line Pipe Cutters for Precision Cuts

Unlock exclusive deals on pipe cutters, the ultimate tools for achieving clean and precise cuts on tubing. Renowned among plumbers for their reliability and quality, our compact pipe cutters offer a faster and easier alternative to traditional hacksaws.

Discover Irwin Multipurpose Tools: Unmissable Deals

Bid farewell to the struggle of cutting tough PVC pipes with Irwin’s ratcheting pipe cutters. Boasting a lightweight cast aluminum body and a razor-sharp manganese steel cutting blade, these cutters provide an unparalleled cutting experience. Designed for pipes with up to 1 1/2 inches in outside diameter, they ensure comfort with curved handles and easy adjustments.

Ezarc Heavy-Duty Pipe Cutters: Effortless Precision

For those unfazed by a bit of physical effort, Ezarc’s manual pipe cutters offer a practical solution. These versatile tools effortlessly cut stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and PVC pipes with diameters ranging from 3/16 inches to 2 inches. The larger pipe cutter features a textured adjustment knob for easy blade tightening.

Ridgid Plastic Pipe and Tubing Ratchet Cutter: Seamless PVC Cutting

Experience the ease of cutting PVC pipes with Ridgid’s ratcheting PVC pipe cutters. Smoothly slicing through PVC pipes using a ratcheting mechanism, these cutters handle rubber, PEX, PE, PP, CPVC, and polypropylene (PP) tubing. With ergonomic handles for comfort and control, they also serve as a handy pipe measurement scale for pipes with diameters from 1/8 inch to 1 5/8 inches.

Explore Orbit’s Precision Pipe and Tubing Cutters

While Orbit might not be the first name you think of for plastic pipe and tube cutters, their product range has expanded. Designed for precise cuts in plastic, copper, and metal pipes, visit their official website for the latest information. Be cautious of similar-sounding names; ensure you’re searching for the exact product you need.

Shop Now for Milwaukee M12 Plastic Pipe Shears

Effortlessly cut rubber, PEX, PE, PP, CPVC, and polypropylene (PP) tubing with Milwaukee M12 Plastic Pipe Shears. Featuring ergonomic handles for user comfort and control, these shears double as a pipe measurement scale with markings at 1-inch intervals. Suitable for pipes with diameters ranging from 1/8 inch to 1 5/8 inches, they offer a quick-change blade replacement mechanism and a variable speed trigger for precise cutting.

Hautmec Pipe Saws: Heavy-Duty Precision

For unconventional pipe materials and large-diameter pipes, Hautmec’s heavy-duty handsaw is the ideal choice. With a carbon steel blade boasting double-cut razor teeth, this saw swiftly cuts through soft materials. It features a quick-release mechanism for adjusting the blade’s position by up to 70 degrees and can handle pipes up to 8 inches in diameter. Note: Unsuitable for tight spaces due to its length.

Qwork’s Best-Value Manual Pipe Cutter

When dealing with large-diameter PVC pipes, Qwork’s manual pipe cutter is a must-have. Unlike traditional cutters limited by jaw size, this serrated blade tool can cut pipes of any size, producing cleaner results. Its wide cutting jaw efficiently handles PVC tubing with diameters ranging from 1 to 3 inches, thanks to its heavy-duty steel construction.

Husky PVC Cutter: Precision at Your Fingertips

  • Durable Blade: These cutters feature a sharp and durable blade designed for clean and efficient PVC pipe cutting.
  • Quick Release: Many Husky Ratcheting PVC Cutters come with a quick-release feature, making it easy to open the cutter and swiftly remove cut pipe sections.
  • Cutting Capacity: Available in various sizes to accommodate different pipe diameters, these cutters handle a range of PVC pipe sizes, from smaller pipes to larger ones.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Husky Ratcheting PVC Cutters are typically lightweight and easy to carry, making them a convenient choice for on-the-go projects.