Karl Dahlman invented the Flymo electric hover mower. After seeing Sir Christopher Cockerell’s Hovercraft machine in 1964, Dahlman invented the mower. Husqvarna AB, a Swedish company that was formerly owned by Electrolux, owns the trademark “Flymo.”. The mower is similar to a traditional petrol-powered rotary push lawn mower, except it has a fan above the spinning blades that allows the mower’s body to hover over the grass. Although achieving similar performance, the mower’s architecture made it more manoeuverable and easier to drive than traditional wheeled petrol mowers.

How Flymo Mower works?

A fan connected to the cutting blades provide the air supply necessary for the mower. The lawnmower floats because the fan drives air downward. The main body of the mower is made of relatively light plastic, and it houses an electric motor that is attached to a household mains cable that runs from the handle bar.

Some of the products of Flymo:

Among other lawn and garden machinery, Flymo has sold lawn tractors and push mowers.

  • Petrol Lawnmowers are among the other items available (hovering and wheeled)
  • Electric Lawnmowers on Wheels
  • Mowers for the Side
  • Trimmers for Hedgerows
  • Garden Vacs by Edgers
  • Lawnmowers that mow themselves

Flymo Leaf Blower:

When the cooler weather arrives in early autumn, a leaf blower becomes a gardener’s best friend. It offers a quick and reliable way of moving and removing fallen leaves and garden debris, such as grass cuttings. The first step to making the most of them this autumn is to understand how they function.


  • Firstly, You won’t have to stop and clear it as much with the 40 L debris collection bag.
  • Secondly, The three-to-one shredding ratio decreases the amount of leaves. This in turn allows you to fit more into the collection container.
  • Lastly, This garden Vac is ideal for medium-sized gardens, with a powerful 212 km/hr blowing pace for quickly tidying leaves and debris into a pile and a 12 m mains cable.

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