Buy Chainsaws Online Like a Pro

When you're on the hunt for a chainsaw, it's absolutely crucial to assess your specific needs and the intended purpose of this powerful tool. First and foremost, consider the power source: gas-powered chainsaws deliver high-performance excellence and are perfect for tackling heavy-duty tasks. On the other hand, electric chainsaws, available in both corded and cordless varieties, are more suited for lighter jobs, offering lower noise levels and easy maintenance. When ordering your chainsaw, take into account the engine size, usually measured in cubic centimeters (cc) for gas-powered models. A larger engine often means more power but also means added weight. Additionally, consider the guide bar length, which determines the size of wood you can effortlessly cut. Longer bars are ideal for larger tasks, whereas shorter bars provide greater maneuverability for intricate work. Choosing the perfect chainsaw to meet your needs requires a close look at its features. Key factors to consider include user-friendliness, speed, and battery life. Safety and durability features are also paramount. A chainsaw should be nothing short of dependable. While purchasing your first chainsaw may seem like a monumental decision, it doesn't have to be overly challenging. Opt for a reputable dealer when making this investment. Keep in mind that gas-powered models typically require more maintenance and are bulkier than their electric counterparts. However, electric chainsaws are eco-friendlier and eliminate the need for refueling. Although electric models are more environmentally conscious, they can't quite match the power and versatility of gas-powered chainsaws.

Explore Top Chainsaw Brands

Husqvarna Chainsaw

I picked the Husqvarna 120 Mark II over other options for a good reason - it's an all-rounder. The latest Husqvarna 120 Mark II offers power, compactness, longevity, ease of use, and exceptional handling. Moreover, it's the best chainsaw on the market without costing more than $300, unlike the pricier 455 or 460 Rancher versions.

WORX Chainsaw

With a 10-inch bar, this chainsaw is perfect for tackling up to 8-inch thick wood logs. Thanks to its automatic chain tensioning technology, the Worx battery-powered chainsaw takes care of this aspect, allowing you to adjust the tension according to your preferences with the black knob.

Oregon Electric Corded Chainsaw

The Oregon CS1500 boasts a 15Amp motor, making it ready to roll at the flick of a switch. Simply plug it in, press the ignition button, and you're good to go. Despite its weight of roughly 12.6 pounds, twice that of the previously mentioned WG322, I find it a pleasure to chop trees with. Its long 18-inch bar and sharp chain teeth make the job easy.

Greenworks Chainsaw

An extremely efficient tool that simplifies cutting tasks. With cordless operation, you can make 75 cuts on a single charge using the reliable 40V GMax battery. The 12-inch steel chain bar offers ease and maneuverability while delivering sharp and instant cutting performance.


Featuring a 10-inch chain bar, this chainsaw is a dependable choice for moderate use. Its high-quality Oregon low kickback bar makes cutting quick and easy. You can easily adjust chain tension requirements by hand, without the need for tools. This cordless device comes with a dependable 20V battery that can be easily swapped out over time.

Makita Chainsaw

When the situation calls for top-tier performance, investing in the best chainsaw is a must, and the Makita model fits the bill. It packs a punch with its powerful electric engine. The ability to adjust the chainsaw's speed allows precise timing during your cutting tasks, a standout feature. It also offers a tool-free method for adjusting chain tension, ensuring seamless operation during long hours of work.


A fantastic chainsaw with a red exterior that excels at cutting wood. Its cordless design and moderate weight make it easy to carry around. Once charged, the 20V battery effortlessly produces 60 cuts. The package includes four batteries, so you can work outdoors with ease. It excels in tight situations and features a 12-inch chain bar. Chain tension adjustments are a breeze, with no tools required.

Essential Features to Consider

Gas-Powered Chainsaws: These beasts offer immense power, making them ideal for heavyweight tasks like felling large trees and chopping firewood. Their portability and independence from electrical outlets make them a versatile choice for various locations. Electric Chainsaws (Corded): These options are quieter, lighter, and demand less maintenance compared to their gas-powered counterparts. They shine in lighter tasks such as pruning and close-to-home trimming. Electric Chainsaws (Cordless/Battery-Powered): Combining the perks of electric chainsaws with the portability of gas models, these are perfect for moderate tasks without the need for fuel mixing or exhaust emissions. Guide Bar Length: Longer guide bars are the way to go for bigger jobs like tree felling and large log cutting, while shorter bars offer enhanced maneuverability for precision work. Ergonomics: Thoughtfully designed handles, grips, and weight distribution contribute to user comfort, reducing strain during operation.

Advantages of Chainsaws

Efficiency: Chainsaws are powerful tools that drastically speed up cutting tasks compared to manual methods, saving you precious time and energy. Versatility: Chainsaws are your go-to for a wide range of tasks, from tree felling to branch pruning, making them indispensable for various outdoor projects. Time-Saving: The high cutting speed of chainsaws significantly reduces the time needed for tasks like cutting firewood or clearing fallen trees. Precision: With the right technique, chainsaws provide precise and controlled cuts, making them invaluable for shaping and detailed work. Portability: Depending on the model, chainsaws can be taken to remote locations without the need for electricity, providing flexibility in their use. Cost Savings: Regular tree maintenance and firewood cutting can be more cost-effective with a chainsaw, especially if you take on the task yourself. Safety: Modern chainsaws come equipped with safety features to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, ensuring a safer cutting experience.

Chainsaw Safety First

Chain Brake: A chain brake is essential to prevent kickback when the saw's tip contacts wood. This safety feature is crucial, especially when working without protective helmets. Brands like Husqvarna, Stihl, Echo, Poulan Pro, and Troy-Bilt offer chain brakes to enhance safety. Throttle Lock: A throttle lock prevents accidental throttle advancement, allowing users to control the speed of the chainsaw during operation, enhancing safety in more recent models. Chain Catcher: A chain catcher is a vital safety feature that prevents injury in case the chain derails or separates from the bar. It's essential to maintain your chainsaw chain to prevent issues, but if it's not in the best condition, a chain catcher can save you from a potential injury. Right-Hand Guard: Many chainsaw models now feature a right-hand guard to protect the operator's hand when the chain derails or breaks off the bar, considering most people are right-handed. Top Hand Guard: The top handguard, often found on top handle chainsaws, is designed to shield your hands from harm when using the tool, enhancing safety. Centrifugal Clutch: This safety feature ensures that the chain remains stationary when the engine is idling, preventing accidental movement and ensuring user safety.