Get Your Hands on a Cordless Planer

When you're on the hunt for the Best Cordless Planer, there are a few crucial factors to keep in mind. Firstly, ensure the planer you choose boasts the power required for your specific task. Additionally, consider its design. Take the K0800 electric planer, for instance – it's a no-nonsense option readily available in the UK, and it's packing a punch. With a robust 6.5 Amp motor that can reach speeds of 17,000 rpm, as well as dual-edged carbide blades, it's a solid choice. Whether you're looking to make light work of wood or crave precision, this cordless planer has you covered. The 82mm wide blades deliver a cutting capacity of 2mm per pass, with 0.1mm depth adjustments for precise results. For added convenience, the blades have their dedicated container. The Bosch GHO26PL-0 cordless planer features a front handle, soft-grip rubber over-molding, and a side fence. It's compatible with any Ryobi power tool battery, being part of the Ryobi ONE+ system. Plus, it comes with a reassuring three-year guarantee. DeWalt offers a range of cordless planers perfectly suited for woodworking. Take the DC390PK electric planer, for example, equipped with a depth control knob and a single-sided chip ejection port. Lightweight and user-friendly, it operates with cutting blades spinning at 15,000 rpm. What's more, its ergonomic handle ensures comfortable use, maintaining an ideal operating angle.

Top-Notch Planer Brands

DEWALT Hand Planer

Leading the pack is the DEWALT DW680K Hand Planer, a cordless powerhouse featuring a robust 7-amp heavy-duty motor. Reliable and straightforward to use, it effortlessly transforms even the toughest wood into a flawless surface. With a 3 1/4-inch planing width, a maximum cut depth of 3/32 inches, and a rotational speed of 15,000 revolutions per minute (rpm), you'll need fewer passes, minimizing your work time. Large resharpenable high-speed steel (HSS) blades or reversible carbide blades are your allies for straight edging or framing.

WEN Electric Hand Planer

Cordless planers can be a pricey investment, but if you're in the market for a cost-effective option, the WEN 6530 Electric Hand Planer is worth a look. Sporting a 6-amp motor, a 3 1/4-inch cut width (with options of 2 3/8-inch and 4 3/8-inch), and a fantastic weight-to-power ratio, this machine handles 34,000 cuts per minute (CPM) and 17,000 rotations per minute (rpm) while tipping the scales at a mere 6 pounds. Plus, an easy trigger means less hand fatigue during prolonged use.

Makita Electric Hand Planer

For a corded alternative, consider the Makita KP0800K Hand Planer, packing 6.5 amps and 120 volts. Weighing just 5 pounds and running at 17,000 rpm, it offers an excellent power-to-weight ratio. Equipped with a swift blade adjustment mechanism and compatibility with double-edged carbide blades, as well as HSS blades available separately, it's a solid choice.

Ryobi Hand Planer

The Ryobi HPL52K Corded Hand Planer lets you adjust the cut depth between 0 and 1/8 inch in 1/96 increments. It's a tad more vibratory compared to other options and carries a bit more weight, around 8 pounds. Yet, this planer, with its 16,500 rpm operation at 120 volts, should prove more robust. Featuring a kickstand to reduce the risk of leaving marks or errors on your wood, it's a safe bet.

VonHaus Electric Wood Hand Planer

Going corded, the VonHaus Electric Wood Hand Planer is a 7.5-amp tool rated at 33,000 CPM and weighing approximately ten pounds. While it features a 16,000 rpm motor and a 3 1/4-inch cut width, its 1/16-inch cut capacity, unfortunately, doesn't speed up your work time. Boasting dual dust ejection, a guiding fence, and an adjustable base plate, this planer also includes three chamfering grooves, though it might not be as precise as you'd prefer.

CRAFTSMAN Electric Hand Plane

Currently, the CRAFTSMAN CMEW300 Hand Planer takes the tenth spot. Offering a maximum cut depth of 5/64 of an inch and 6-amp cut width, it provides ten positive stops. However, precise work is more challenging due to the lack of depth increments. We wouldn't recommend using this planer for finishing work or operations involving hardwood. Operating at 16,500 rpm, it boasts an 11.5-inch cast metal shoe, as well as three chamfering grooves and a double-sided chip exhaust for your convenience.

SKIL Planer

Our final contender is the SKIL PL2012-00 Corded Planer. Featuring a 6.5-amp motor running at 16,000 rpm, this corded device occasionally overheats. Weighing around 7 pounds and offering a 3 1/4-inch cut width, it comes with a safety lock-off button, dual-chip exhaust, and storage for blade-change equipment. It also includes a rabbeting guide with a 5/16-inch depth. However, it might take some effort to find information on positive stops and re-zeroing.

Planer Perks

Cordless Planers come with a wealth of features. These include a high-power BL motor akin to the AC type KP0810, automatic kickstand, an ergonomically rubberized handle, efficient dust collection ports, and more.
  • A high-power BL motor, identical to the AC type KP0810, provides powerful cutting.
  • The Model DKP180 Auto-start Wireless System (AWS) connects to the vacuum cleaner through Bluetooth, boosting cutting and slapping depth.
  • Automatic Torque Drive Technology (ADT) changes cutting speed and torque during cutting for optimal performance.
  • Carbide blades with double edges on a 2-blade cutter head for increased performance and a clean finish.
  • You may vary the depth of the cut by simply sliding the tool's front knob in the direction you want the pointer to point.
  • A spring-loaded stand elevates the base to protect the blades and workpiece.